FXX to become cable home of The Simpsons

In a matter of months, FXX will become the cable home of The Simpsons and to celebrate the move the network will air twelve consecutive days of the program, this according to The Wrap.

Hurry to the couch, America: FXX plans to celebrate becoming the cable home of “The Simpsons” by airing the show for 12 consecutive days in August.

The marathon will kick off FXX, the new spinoff of FX, airing “Simpsons” episodes regularly. FX CEO John Landgraf said the network is also working on a state-of-the-art “Simpsons” app.

Two weeks of straight Simpsons – talk about a fan boy’s delight.

FXX says they’re looking to put themselves in the record books for the mass airings, though, they didn’t necessarily explain how or why. My assumption would be for the longest continues airing of the same program (although different episodes, obviously).

The Simpsons, which has aired on FOX since 1989, were awarded to FXX after a hefty November bidding war saw the program awarded to the sister station.

The deal reportedly gave FXX over 500 episodes of the beloved ‘cartoon’, so starting in August, prepare to see an influx of Simpsons on your television.

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