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How Much to own the Red Keep from Game of Thrones?

In all of the locations we’ve seen on HBO’s Game of Thrones the Red Keep in King’s Landing remains the richest address in all of Westeros. The Red Keep is the Beverly Hills 90210 of the show. The show follows an almost endless cast of characters with the same goal of taking over the kingdom. Wouldn’t it be easier to buy the Red Keep instead of shedding all this blood? The realm is always in need of more coin. Maybe they would one day put the famous Red Keep, the home of the Iron Throne, on the sales block.

Luckily our good friends at have come to an answer to that very question. They picked the Red Keep as the crown jewel of Westeros real estate, and went about finding a fair value for the property. The result is an in depth study of the entire kingdom’s real estate prices. Movoto figured out a fair price for the Red Keep, but only buyers with outstanding credit need apply. Here’s the key part of their findings.

The Red Keep, of course. It’s big, it’s a pivotal location, and, besides, if season four is as unpredictable as the third, this place may well be on the market by the end of the month. How much for this Lion’s Lair? A bold $743,132,880—and that doesn’t even include the Iron Throne.

A bigger question is how land near the Wall could be perfect for development. Sure it might be in trouble every thousand years with White Walker attacks, but the rest of the time should be a-ok.

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