Reign Episode 17 Spoilers: The Rise of Queen Mary

It looks like things are about to get a lot more complicated for Queen Mary of Scots tonight on an all new Reign. 

Reign returns tonight with an all new episode, titled Liege Lord, that will reveal a shocking revelation that will give sense to the rise of Mary Queen of Scots.

Mary and Francis will be forced to deal with problems caused by Mary’s mother, Marie de Guise, and Francis’ mother, Queen Catherine of France. Amy Brenneman will be reprising her role as Mary’s mother and once again she’ll be causing a whole lot of trouble with her return.

The episode will reveal a “secret clause” Marie and Queen Catherine placed in their children’s marriage contract: if Mary dies without an heir, Scotland will belong to France.

When Mary learns of the clause, she enlists Francis to aide her as she embarks on a perilous plan to turn Scotland against her mother, a plan that will cost the lives’ of others.

Brad Silberling, co-executive producer of Reign, has noted that in Liege Lord  “we will now see Mary have to make a very, very specific and big choice in her leadership of choosing her country and its future or France in a specific way that we’ve never seen before.”

Catch Reign on The CW Thursday nights 9/8c.

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