CBS on Craig Ferguson being skipped over for Late Show: 'We're big fans of Craig'

When David Letterman announced his impending retirement, there was belief that Craig Ferguson could be next in line. Some reports even suggested that Ferguson had a clause in his contract that gave him first right of refusal.

That has yet to be confirmed but with the network already opting to hire Stephen Colbert to replace Letterman on the Late Show, what we do know is that Ferguson will be staying at his time slot – assuming he remains with CBS moving forward as his contract is set to expire in 2015.

CBS executives were asked about passing over Ferguson for the gig and responded by suggesting that they were ‘big fans of Craig‘:

What does this mean for Craig Ferguson?
Tassler: We’re big fans of Craig. We had an 11:30 issue. That was our first order of business.

Saying it’s the first order of business seems to suggest there’s a second order of business.
Tassler: Obviously, as much as we knew that this day would come with Dave, Craig is here and doing his show at 12:30 and we love having him there.

Ferguson was likely in the mix for the job (as were many others) but for whatever reason, CBS seems to feel as if Colbert was the better choice.

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