Kitchen Nightmares; Amy's Baking Company is Back

Gordan Ramsay returns to Amy’s Baking Company tonight for the season premiere of Kitchen Nightmares. Viewers will remember the viral sensation caused by Gordon’s first visit to Amy’s Baking Company. Amy and her husband Samy refused to listen to Gordon about fixing their failing bakery in Arizona. Memorably Amy was unable to take any sort of criticism from Gordon, and her freak outs quickly went viral.

The horrors at Amy’s Baking Company went beyond the chef’s tantrums. The owner Samy also pockets the tips from his waitresses without telling the customers. Gordon challenged Amy and Samy to change the place around, but they weren’t into it. Amy freaked out and demanded they leave. It was the first time in Kitchen Nightmares that a store owner couldn’t work with Gordon.

When the show aired Amy and Samy got more unwanted attention from the media. Amy claimed the show edited her poorly, and harsh words were thrown back and forth. However her anger hasn’t stuck because tonight Amy and Samy once again welcome Gordon back to the bakery. From the promo for the episode it appears Amy hasn’t lost any of her signature style. My favorite part is when she claims to not be “delusional”.

Date: Friday, April 11th
Episode Title: Amy’s Baking Company
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: FOX
Online Stream:

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