Lindsey Lohan, David Letterman prank call Oprah on 'Late Show' (Video)

Few feuds on television have been more public than that of the one between Late Show host David Letterman and Oprah Winfrey. But the hatchet has been long buried (at least so we think) which lead to Letterman prank calling Oprah during a recent airing of the late night show along with guest Lindsey Lohan.

Lohan of course has become close with Winfrey in recent months as the former talk show host has attempted to help the one-time child actor clean her act up and get sober. Her attempts at doing so have been documented in her reality series, which of course, airs on Oprah’s ‘O’ network.

Feeling as if it would make a good bit (and boy did it) Letterman and Lohan picked up the phone and dialed Winfrey who shockingly answered.

I’d normally suggest it was all a ploy but Winfrey did seem rather shocked to hear from both of them, so maybe she’s just a good actor or they just lucked out and she picked up.

Whatever the case, given Letterman’s history with Oprah, it was quite hilarious.

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