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New trailer for '24: Live Another Day' revealed (Video)

This May sees the return of one of the most well known American agents in television history as Jack Bauer is back for this miniseries 24: Live Another Day. While the series has been off the air for some time, the return is being heralded by fans and the anticipation has mounted.

We’ve seen posters, set photos and trailers in the past but this latest extended look at the miniseries is the most exciting one we’ve seen yet.

Check out the new extended trailer for 24: Live Another Day below:

Here’s an official synopsis of 24: Live Another Day from Fox:

Four years after dishing out his own brand of justice and evading capture, Jack Bauer finds himself on the run in London; once again, he attempts to thwart a global disaster. Meanwhile, Jack’s closest confidante Chloe O’Brian has been aiding and abetting the federal fugitive.

It’s just a limited engagement on FOX but that just means fans will get to see a story started and concluded without dragging on for too long.

Fans will flock to their television sets this May to catch the miniseries 24: Live Another Day and you can keep checking in to Hidden Remote for the latest news on what is next.

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