Andrew Garfield to host Saturday Night Live on May 3rd

This week’s episode of Saturday Night Live featured a third time host in Seth Rogen but the next new episode of the season will continue what seems to be a tradition of allowing first time hosts to come on the show this year. That’s because like so many episodes we’ve seen this season, a first timer is going to be heading things up as actor Andrew Garfield is set to drop by to host the show for the first time in his career.

Garfield will be dropping by to promote the nationwide release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2 which will hit theaters that weekend across the world. In becoming a first time host this season, Garfield adds his name to a list that includes Edward Norton, Drake and Kerry Washington — which isn’t the worst company to keep.

The question though is will he be able to put his comedic chops to good use or will he fail to thrill the way he does when playing Spider-Man?

So when can you catch Andrew Garfield on Saturday Night Live? We have all the information right here for you so you can go mark it on the calendar.

Date: Saturday, May 3rd
Start Time: 11:30pm ET
Host: Andrew Garfield
Musical Guest: Coldplay
TV Channel: NBC
Live Stream:, Hulu Plus

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