CBS Pilot, Cuz-Bros, Cast Enlisted Stars in Lead Roles

Should Fox pull the plug on military comedy Enlisted, at least two of the Hill brothers will be sticking together.

Parker Young  has been cast in the CBS’ multi-camera comedy pilot Cuz-Bros and will join previously casted Enlisted co-star Greg Stults. Cuz-Bros comes from writers David Caspe (Happy Endings) and Erik Sommers (American Dad), Sony TV, CBS Studios and Fanfare.

Cuz-Bros  will follow Nick (Stults), a successful, Los Angeles ladies man who gets the surprise of his life, when his cousin Barry (Young) needs a place to crash.

Barry is described as “sweet, clueless and naive with an uncanny ability to say/do the wrong thing at the wrong time, even though he means well.”

Both Stults and Young have been cast in second position to Enlisted. Which means should the Fox comedy be renewed, both actors would remain with the series.

Enlisted has been pulled from the schedule due to low ratings, and most expect the show to be canceled. Enlisted resolved around three brothers in the Army. Fellow Enlisted star Angelique Cabral has also landed a role in a new comedy, being cast in NBC’s Two to Go.

Are you excited to see more of Young and Stults in Cuz-Bros  or are you still holding out for more Enlisted?


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