The Simpsons spoof Mad Men with clever promo (Video)

The Simpsons are in the news again — likely for the first time since the late 90s — since their entire catalog has been handed to FXX to become the new home of the iconic show. A 12 day marathon is set to run featuring every single episode of the series but what it will really do is remind us of how good the show used to be.

While it was once the freshest family and political satire on television, the razor sharp wit has been dulled to become the equivalent of an ancient arrow but even relics can be cool form time to time. We saw that in this past week’s episode of the show which played on the season premiere of Mad Men by showing a spoof promo that put characters from The Simpsons in the setting of an episode of Mad Men.

It’s not the most hilarious thing we’ve ever seen but this short clip is still more enjoyable than most of the mailed-in episodes we’ve been seeing since the 15th season.

It’s only a matter of time before the show just dives right into being nothing but a parody of other shows, but this little slice is proof that the show can still be funny when it wants to be.

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