Chicago Fire: Firehouse 51 Deals with the Fallout of Last Week's Shocking Death

Last week on Chicago Fire, one of Engine 51’s own met an untimely end. After battling to become a firefighter candidate, struggling to fit in with the other firefighters at Firehouse 51, and dealing with her father’s controlling ways firefighter Rebecca Jones (Daisy Betts) took her life at the conclusion of last week’s episode.

This week the men and women of Firehouse 51 will all deal with Jones’ death in their own ways, with certain characters struggling with her death more than others.

Monica Raymund’s Gabriela Dawson will take Jones’ death the hardest. Dawson had a special connection with Jones, as Jones’ final words come in the form of a note to Dawson. The note acts as Jones’ final connection to Dawson, and the content of the note will be revealed within the episode. Dawson initially blames Jones’ controlling father for Jones’ suicide, as he took away her dream of being a firefighter to put on on a desk. What Dawson doesn’t realize is that her actions and opinions towards Jones’ father could have repercussions and effect her career, and future career as a firefighter. Dawson will continue her quest to become a firefighter, recommitting herself in Jones’ honor.

Lieutenant Matt Casey (Jesse Spencer) will see Jones’ death as yet another dangerous aspect of their job. As Dawson continues on the path to becoming a firefighter, Casey becomes more concerned with Dawson’s safety. Casey’s concerns, while valid, have potential to put a strain on Dawson and his relationship will be played out as the season continues.

Fellow Lieutenant Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) will also take Jones’ death to heart. As her teacher at the academy, Severide wonders if his tough love approach was too much for Jones’ to handle. A road that should be avoided, as one cannot blame themselves when faced with these types of deaths.

Finally we come to Engine 51’s Peter Mills (Charlie Barnett) who had taken Jones’ in and acted as her mentor at Firehous 51. Mills wonders if the firehouse had taken her in and accepted her sooner, if she had chosen a different path.

Chicago Fire promises to have plenty more surprises this season promising viewers a wedding, a proposal, and a beloved character receiving life-altering medical news all before the season’s finale.

Chicago Fire airs Tuesdays at 10/9c on NBC.

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