The Simpsons reveal first look at LEGO animated episode (Photo)

Credit: FOX

Credit: FOX

The Simpsons have been struggling to stay relevant for the better part of the last decade as nothing real significant has happened with the show since the early 2000s and things really fell off a cliff after 2005. But while the series is a shell of its former self, the show still finds ways to be interesting even in the most mild of ways.

Case in point is the upcoming all-Lego animated episode of the show which is high concept Simpsons at both it’s best and worst.

On the one had we can look at this as the show looking at new and different ways to freshen up a series that has long since passed the expiration date on the box, but on the other hand it’s hard not to see The Simpsons releasing their first ever LEGO set and an all LEGO episode not equating to total sellout.

But regardless of what the motives are, we’re nevertheless getting a LEGO animated episode of The Simpsons and our first look has been revealed.


It’s hard to not laugh at The Simpsons for all the wrong reasons these days but this might be something that works out in the end.

But there’s always the possibility of it crashing and burning as the once iconic show continues to mail it in.


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