True Detective meets Family Circus and it is amazing (Photo)



One of the best things to come on television this year was without a doubt the HBO series True Detective. From it’s air tight story to the absolutely beyond solid acting, the series captured fans and critics like in smashing fashion. But with great popularity comes the spoils of parody and this has been the case for True Detective so far since it’s run began in January.

From the hilarious Jimmy Kimmel parody with Seth Rogen to the insane AT&T spoof with a spot-on Rustin impression, some of the spoofs we’ve seen have been absolutely great and seemingly in a league of their own.

Enter the True Detective and Family Circus matchup if you want the new end-all be-all of True Detective parodies.




It’s not everyday that two so wildly different things get mashed together in a fit of pure genius, but then again there aren’t two things as wildly different as True Detective and Family Circus. The pop culture mashup is probably the best thing we’ve seen all week and rivals the best of the best True Detective parodies we’ve seen as well.

there will obviously be other parodies on the level of this one, but for now this has to stand alone as the single most inspired parody we’ve seen yet.


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