Girls season 4 set photos reveal Hannah and Adam's future (Photo)

The fourth season of the hit HBO series Girls is currently filming in New York and while the show is set to take off for Iowa thanks to Hannah’s storyline taking her to the Iowa Writer’s Workshop, some set photos have surfaced that reveal some details about her relationship with Adam in the upcoming season.

When we last left the duo, Adam had stormed off after complaining about Hannah’s self-involvement ruining other people’s lives — including his. But these set photos clearly show that the couple has reconciled and are back to being the odd couple we’ve come to love.




Filming with Adam Driver needs to make sure it accommodates his immediate movie schedule which includes a villainous role in Star Wars Episode VII. but it would appear that filming is well underway on Girls and we shouldn’t have a forced absence of Adam on the show due to real life obligations.

It’s going to be very interesting to see where they take Adam and Hannah’s relationship in the new season of the show, but wherever it goes, we can likely assume that it doesn’t stay simple for very long as both characters involved in the relationship are hardly normal human beings.


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