Hidden Gem of Netflix: 'Come Fly With Me.'

This week on “Hidden Gem” we are watching “Come Fly With Me” a hilarious and satirical look inside one of Britain’s busiest – and fictional – airports, in a series filled with offbeat and delusional characters.  Remember to check out past hidden gems below to get your fill of the best, “under-the-radar” shows on-demand services like Netflix and Hulu have to offer.

Let’s fly, let’s fly away.

With my personal taste in British humor I like it satirical, outrageous, and with a side of deadpan.  When it comes to comedic television, our friends from across the pond seem to always have a leg-up compared to the cut-and-dry television hits that dominate our American airwaves.  Some series are so clever and original, that we tend to pluck some of these hits and Americanize them.

The mockumentary series, honed by precedents such as “The Office” and “Parks and Rec,” appear to be an art form that the UK has perfected.  Nothing illustrates this factoid more than “Come Fly with Me,” a farcical look at an offbeat British airport, created by two amazing character actors and improvisers, Matt Lucas and David Williams (“Little Britain”).

This one season, highly comedic series documents the antics of several of airline staff and passengers in a way that is palpable for any culture.  If you’ve been to an airport, have no worries, the show’s humor will translate tremendously.

Sky-high ensemble

Lucas and Williams are a tremendous duo – playing nearly 20 different characters with a variety of traits that all seem to find a common ground on obscurity.  There’s Melody and Keeley, two Liverpool check-in clerks who exhibit a snarky, passive-aggressive attitude towards each other, but are “BFFs.”  Airport fast food worker, Tommy, who wants to be a pilot and figured he would start at “the bottom.”  Then there’s Taaj Manzoor, an aspiring director and self-proclaimed film buff whose favorites include trite American action flicks and, of course, Avatar.

“You haven’t seen Avatar, man?  You is gay man.” – Taaj Manzoor.

Even the questionably distasteful, Precious Little – a Jamaican coffee stand worker who sabotages her stand every day to get out of work, and then chalks up the mishaps as “an act of God” – is charming, despite the fact she’s played by a black faced Lucas.

The series only has one season but is highly re-watchable.  Lucas and Williams are masters of their craft, and at first, it’s almost hard to believe that there are only two men playing each character.  The show even features cameos by the likes of David Schwimmer and Rupert Grint.

Recommended if you like

“Come Fly with Me” is great for fans of Lucas and Williams’ earlier work “Little Britiain” along with other shows like “The Office” (UK & US), “Parks and Rec,” “Modern Family,” and even past Hidden Gems “Peep Show” and “Comedy Bang, Bang.”

What did you think of “Come Fly with Me?”  Let me know in the comments below, and don’t forget to check back each week for a new Gem.

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