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Michelle Obama To Appear On Parks and Rec and Nashville

You’ve seen her on late night TV doing sketches with Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show, but now the First Lady is returning to a scripted television show near you. Michelle Obama will be appearing on two different networks on two different types of shows.

First, Mrs. Obama will be appearing on NBC’s Thursday night comedy Parks and Recreation. Her appearance will be for the show’s April 24 season finale.

The next week, the very visible First Lady will be going over to ABC and their drama Nashville. Obama’s appearance on Nashville will air on May 7. American Idol alumna Kellie Pickler will also be a guest star on the same episode as the First Lady.

You might be wondering why this is a return to scripted television for Obama. A gander at her IMDB page reminds us that she has also appeared on an episode of Nickelodeon’s iCarly and an episode of the childhood favorite Sesame Street.

If you do look at the First Lady’s IMDB and you look at it very fast, I guarantee something will catch your eye, the program that will catch your eye being XXX Sumer Olympics Opening Ceremony. It is obviously the Roman numeral for the last summer games, but it really does makes you rub your eyes and reread.

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