Cosmos season 1, episode 7: preview, live stream, start time, and more

On tonight’s all new episode of Fox’s Cosmos host Neil Degrasse Tyson takes viewers on a trip through the calculation of history. It is the story of uranium-lead dating which allows scientists to precisely determine the age of organic matter. The unlocking of the that discovery was a huge scientific milestone. Later in the show Tyson brings up the complications of living in an environment with high doses of lead.

Here’s a preview of the show where Tyson introduces viewers to the theory.

Here’s the Fox synopsis of tonight’s episode, titled The Clean Room.

Geochemist Clair Patterson develops the uranium-lead dating method, and draws attention to the negative effects of lead in the environment.

In this second preview we get into the dating of three hundred year snow drifts. This collection of data is directly tied to the dating method that Tyson lays out in the first preview. As usual Cosmos goes out of its way to show viewers how science can impact their daily life.

Date: Sunday, April 20th
Episode Title: The Clean Room
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: FOX
Online Stream:

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