The Blacklist Season 1 Episode 19 The Pavlovich Brothers: Preview and Live Stream

When NBC’s The Blacklist debuted in a world without Game of Thrones and Mad Men around, it felt like an exciting breath of fresh air on network TV. James Spader’s Red was a wild card who had a different shock for viewers each week. Then the Winter Olympics hit NBC, and the show began to fade into the background. The show made the mistake of telegraphing a plot point, the secret spy life of Lizzy’s husband, and then made viewers wait far too long for pay off.

It not only sapped the show of the drama between Lizzy and Tom, but also made the weekly boogie man seem like a waste of time. Who cares about a guy who melts down bodies when Lizzy is living with a secret assassin. Tonight’s all new episode appears to answer the complaints of viewers by finally featuring a showdown between the problematic husband and wife on the show. The other hope for the show is Red becoming half as cagey as Dr. Lector on NBC’s Hannibal. He doesn’t have to start eating people, but I’d appreciate if he wasn’t playing from behind so much.

Here’s the NBC description of the episode, titled The Pavlovich Brothers.

As the team tries to protect a target of the Pavlovich brothers — specialists in abductions — Red has a job of his own for the duo; Liz patiently pursues the truth about Tom.

Who really cares about the Pavlovich Brothers? Even the promo for this week ignores the two boogie men. Instead it focuses finally on the showdown between Lizzy and Tom. Tom starts out bound to a chair, but soon enough the two are fighting like a cut scene from Kill Bill.

The Blacklist returns, but is no longer the biggest fish in the pond.

Date: Monday, April 21st
Episode Title: The Pavlovich Brothers
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream:

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