Game of Thrones Recap: Breaker of Chains Season 4 Episode 3

For the past week everyone and their mother on HBO’s Game of Thrones went all True Detective on King Joffrey’s death. The theories about the identity of the murderer were all over the place. Did Sansa act alone? Was the Queen of Thorns acting in defense of her granddaughter? Did Prince Oberyn get his revenge in this most public of places? The real question was how long the writers of the show would makes us wait to finally reveal the truth behind King Joffrey’s demise.

Shockingly the show didn’t waste any time getting down to the nuts and bolts of the plan. We started off following Dontos and Sansa as they flee the scene of Joffrey’s death. They make their way through tiny pathways to a small row boat. Eventually, the boat encounters a ship in the middle of the mist. Dontos encourages her to climb into the ship where she’s met by Littlefinger.

The puppet master of Westeros returns, and in the most mind blowing way. We haven’t seen much of Littlefinger in the past few episodes. He was supposed to be courting Lady Lysa in the Vale, but here he is on the ship. Littlefinger as always is playing the true Game of Thrones. He was behind the entire plot, and the rescuing of Sansa from King’s Landing. At least that is what he tells her. In reality Sansa is the last link to the Stark’s control of the North. Whoever controls Sansa has a legitimate claim on Winterfell. Now that person is Littlefinger.

It was great to see Littlefinger return to the scheming levels we are used to. The distant and insulated Vale is the perfect place to keep Sansa safe. The only allegiance Littlefinger has is to himself. That’s bad news for King Tommen, Joffrey’s younger brother and the next in line for the throne. At Joffrey’s funeral Lord Tywin lays out for Tommen the rules of being king. He tells him a King needs wisdom, but what he really means is a King needs to listen to Lord Tywin or end up dead like Joffrey.

Lord Tywin also interrupted Prince Oberyn’s orgy to ask him to serve as a judge for Tyrion’s trial. Tywin promised Oberyn a seat on the small council for his services. He continues to be the one wild card on the show. The deal also gives Oberyn a chance to face off with the Mountain, the man he blames for the death of his sister.

We got more time with Arya and the Hound. The two visited a poor farmer and daughter. Eventually the Hound steals his silver because the man is weak, and won’t last the winter. Just when you think Arya is softening the beast, he once again shows his true colors. Tyrion meanwhile realizes that the whole of King’s Landing is against him, and orders his squire Pod to abandon his cause.

The episode ended with Dany reaching the gates of Meereen. After dispatching a rider from the city she yells her pitch to the people of the city. Allow me in and I will break your chains. To make an even finer point she uses catapults to shoot barrels full of broken chains over the city walls. It’s pretty similar to the methods used by the Teamsters. We’ll have to wait till till next week to see how the citizens react to the savior at their gates.

What did everyone think of this week’s episode? Was it a let down after the craziness of the Purple Wedding?

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