Winter is Coming Live! Episode 3 Recap Live Stream


Can’t get enough of HBO’s Game of Thrones? Neither can we. Lucky for all of us there’s a great new recap show being put on by our friends at Every week the show is live discussing the biggest moments from that week’s episode, and letting you the fans weigh in through social media. Ask a question about Tyrion’s fate or argue about if Sansa was saved of kidnapped. Anything goes on the Winter is Coming Live! show.

The questions I wouldn’t mind seeing the team answer:

Is there a secret pact between Littlefinger and the Tyrell family or are the two working towards the same goal independently?

Will the Hound ever really change his stripes?

Did anyone think Jon Snow’s recovery was a bit too quick? He went from nearly dead on a horse to good as new in record time.

Does a King Tommen even have a chance for independence when he’s surrounded by Tywin and Cersei or has the mistakes of Joffrey ruined that?

Everyone’s against Tyrion at this point, so how could he possibly get himself out of this jam?

What must it be like to own prime real estate in Meereen when your backyard is being littered with broken chains?

All of these questions and more will be answered at 12pm today on Winter is Coming Live!.

Winter is Coming Live Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 3 Recap – April 21 by Winter Is Coming

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