Discovery Channel to Turn Everest Live Jump Special into a Memorial for Fallen Sherpas

Earlier this week, broke news that in the wake of a deadly avalanche on Mount Everest this past weekend, Discovery Channel would be canceling their live special Everest Jump Live.

However. in a new announcement the network has announced that they will air a special documentary tribute to honor those killed in the deadly avalanche.

It turns out that Discovery Channel happened to have a camera crew on Mount Everest at the time of the avalanche. The crew was shooting footage in advance of the live special when the unexpected disaster struck.

Eileen O’Neill, president of Discovery Group, spoke of the decision to honor the fallen with a special tribute noting the the when the tragedy struck the network team “needed a beat to understand as much of the circumstances as possible.”

Everest Jump Live had two teams/crews on hand for the event. One crew was responsible for the camera and production aspects of the special, the other was composed of jumper Joby Ogwyn’s personally selected Sherpa guides (ones that he had worked with on past expeditions on the mountain). Both crews lost Sherpa members in the deadly avalanche.

The details are still being planned, including the decision to make the special one or two hours long. Ogwyn will be interviewed for the special, as he and his crew were on site at the time of avalanche and aided in the recovery of the bodies from the mountain.

Discovery Channel is also looking to identify an appropriate Sherpa charity to make a donation to. The network will also include donation information for the charity in the broadcast, urging viewers to donate.

What do you think of Discovery Channel’s choice to turn the Everest Live Jump special into a tribute to the fallen Sherpas?

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