10 Shows that deserve to be revamped

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In today’s world everyone is turning to recycling as a mean to take something old and re-purpose it into a fresh, new item. The practice of recycling old television shows has become one of television’s latest trends, as television executives continue to look to the past when determining their network’s future.

Remaking a past series is a complete 50/50 gamble for networks, yet they continue to put their chips on series of the past. For networks such as CBS and TNT, they have found success in remakes Hawaii Five-0 and Dallas (respectively), both which bring in strong ratings for the networks. Other networks have failed to have such success in their remakes, just last fall NBC’s remake of series Ironside debuted to terribly low numbers, being pulled from the schedule after only a few episodes.

As the media continues to promote and discuss Disney Channel’s Boy Meets World remake, Girl Meets World, I began to wonder what other shows deserve a second chance at life on television. I scoured through old TV Guides and time slot listings to find ten shows that I’d like to see resurrected from their television graves.

Don’t forget to hit up the comments section below to let me know what show you’d love to see remade/revamped and to debate my list of chosen shows.

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