Flipping Out Season 7 Episode 8 Out of Bounds: Preview and Live Stream

Jeff Lewis shouldn’t pop the champagne over the return of his right hand assistant Jenni just yet. While Jenni agreed to return to the office from maternity leave earlier than expected, it appears the atmosphere in the office is so toxic that she won’t be around that long. Jeff’s office is normally off the wall, but there appears to be a mean streak in the work environment that’s scaring away Jenni. She returned to help Jeff finish his projects, and not to monitor a room of adult babies.

Tonight’s all new episode is titled Out of Bounds. Here’s the synopsis of the episode from Bravo.

Upon returning to the office, Jenni finds that human resources violations and inappropriate behavior have gotten out of control. When a new intern quits after just one day of work, Jenni brings Jeff to a counseling session with Dr. Donna to get him to realize his role in the bad behavior.

Things are so toxic for Jenni that she forces Jeff to have another counseling session with Dr. Donna. Not that Dr. Donna has ever really fixed Jeff’s issues before, but why not start now. If Jeff is really serious about Jenni being back then he will have to dial back his over the top antics. Throwing dirty underwear on an unsuspecting employees head just won’t work for Jenni.

Date: Wednesday, April 23rd
Episode Title: Out of Bounds
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: Bravo
Online Stream: BravoTV.com

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