The Challenge: Free Agents Season 25 Episode 3 Preview and Live Stream


Most viewers thought that The Challenge: Free Agents biggest change would be the lack of team structure on the show. However what we’ve seen is that the cast, thanks to previous challenges and joint appearances, already has defined teams and alliances. The real change occurs thanks to the use of the Kill Card. One of the competitors in the elimination challenge is decided each week by random draw. Pick the card with the skull and crossbones and into the challenge you go.

Without the addition of the card there is no way a tough competitor like Frank would have been thrown into back to back eliminations. The card, not the loss of teams, is the real game changer for The Challenge. It forces the big guns on the show, CT, Zach, etc, to not ride on their reputations alone.

Tonight’s episode of The Challenge: Free Agents, titled The Thumbsucker, features a mock wedding between two old school competitors, and the promise of one cast member being eliminated before the next challenge even begins. Sounds like someone got into a fight, and got a quick ticket home from South America. Here’s the episode description from MTV.

The house celebrates a fake wedding between contestants; a player is sent home before the bar crawl challenge.

In this preview from MTV we get a look at the fake engagement between Nany and Cohutta. Those two should really get married if only so they could pick a baby name crazier than Cohutta.

Date: Thursday, April 24th
Episode Title: The Thumbsucker
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: MTV
Online Stream:

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