Hell's Kitchen Season 12 Episode 7: Preview and Live Stream

Unlike Top Chef, a reality show that encourages you to seek out their contestant’s restaurants, Hell’s Kitchen on Fox puts the fear of god into you that these people could be cooking your next IHOP short stack. To say that the show casts its chefs to be losers is an understatement. Hell’s Kitchen isn’t about learning new techniques or embracing rare ingredients. That’s not what Gordon Ramsay does best.

On most reality competitions the cast gets better with each episode. On Hell’s Kitchen they appear to only get worse. Each week more food comes to the window undercooked. Each week Gordon yells at the same people for the same mind boggling mistakes. There’s a reason the show doesn’t specifically mention what restaurant the winner will work at. Who wants to give a high end restaurant that sort of millstone to carry?

The preview clip for tonight’s episode doesn’t instill much confidence in tonight’s dinner service. When a grease fire breaks out on the flattop grill the blue team stands around like they are watching a live stunt spectacular at the Disney MGM studios tour. It’s impossible that none of these guys have ever caused a grease fire before. Of course it takes a yelling Gordon to put out the flames.

Here’s the synopsis of tonight’s episode. 14 chefs remain in the running for the title of Hell’s Kitchen champion.

Contestants from each team must work in pairs and present a unique pizza dish to Ramsay; the losers clean up and prepare both kitchens for dinner service, while the winners go to a luxurious hotel; one team runs out of a crucial ingredient.

If there is only one team that runs out of an ingredient, you can bet it is the blue team.

Date: Thursday, April 24th
Episode Title: 14 Chefs Compete
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: FOX
Online Stream: Fox.com

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