Jon Stewart strikes back at Sean Hannity (Video)

When will media personalities learn to not get into fights with Jon Stewart? News anchors take note. He’s a professional comedian. He will win. Sean Hannity of Fox News, in a shock to no one, forgot to follow that rule this week. It started when a segment on The Daily Show pointed out contradictions in Hannity’s views on the Bundy cattle scandal. Hannity then took to his show to call Stewart a hack in retaliation. It shouldn’t then be a shock that Jon took to the airwaves last night to serve Mr. Hannity a heaping pile of crow.

Check out the two videos below.

Later in the night Stephen Colbert made a surprise appearance on set to issue a goodbye to the show. It was a great mix of reality and the ridiculous. Colbert in character discussing the end of his run was a Daily Show goodbye. There’s also a great discussion of the fat man who is taking over the David Letterman show. The segment ends with a surprise clip reel.

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