Parks and Recreation Season 6 Finale Moving Up: Preview and Live Stream

The hour long season 6 finale of Parks and Recreation appears to have everything a fan could want out of an episode. Leslie and the gang wrap up the season with a Pawnee/Eagleton Unity Concert. Check out Donna’s T-Shirt in the above photo from tonight’s episode, titled Moving Up. I’m sure the NBC Store will be selling a bunch of those concert shirts by the end of the finale. The show also takes a road trip tonight to San Francisco for a National Parks conference.

From the synopsis for tonight’s show it appears Leslie will also have to make an important choice about her career.

Ben, Leslie and Chris go to San Francisco for a National Parks conference; Tom’s restaurant opens; Ron has another encounter with Tammy 2 (Megan Mullally); Leslie makes a big decision about the future.

Tonight’s show also features a special cameo from the First Lady Michelle Obama. Could the First Lady be the reason Leslie decides to leave Pawnee for the glorious federal government? And if the First Lady doesn’t get you excited than how about the return of the hilarious Tammy 2. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman fantastic together. All of that combines to make tonight’s finale a must see.

Here’s a clip of Amy Poehler discussing the filming of the season 6 finale.

Date: Thursday, April 24th
Episode Title: Moving Up
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream:

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