Game of Thrones Recap: Oathkeeper Season 4 Episode 4

Oathkeeper, the fourth episode of Game of Thrones season 4, returned to the familiar fast paced style we’ve grown accustom to from the HBO drama. Viewers were spoiled with the Purple Wedding’s almost 20 minute length, but this episode moved quicker than a nine year old boy sucking down pixie sticks. We got a few minutes with each and every character as the show continues to reset the chess board in a post Joffrey world.

We started in the middle of a Westeros Rosetta Stone lesson between Missandei and Grey Worm. It brought to mind the work Davos has done with Princess Shireeen in order to raise his status. However Grey Worm’s studying is interrupted by work. He and a group of soldiers sneak into the city of Meereen, and meet with a large group of slaves. Grey Worm brings with him a plethora of weapons for the slaves to use against their masters. It’s the second part of Dany’s plan to bust open Meereen. She’s going to have the slaves once again open the gates for her. It doesn’t take long for the streets to run red with blood.

We then jump to the boat containing Littlefinger and Sansa. They are headed to the safety of Lady Lysa and the Vale, but Sansa wants answers. Littlefinger doesn’t reveal much, but lets her know that he didn’t act alone in poisoning the King. He was working with the Tyrells in reality. With that we cut to the Queen of Thorns who’s on point from the get go as she mocks the reality of them always filming in the same garden location. She is having a final talk with almost Queen Margaery. She reveals to her the truth behind Joffrey’s end, and then advises her to get her hooks into King Tommen before it is too late.

The full grown woman that is Margaery acts like a lion with her prey when she later sneaks into Tommen’s bedroom. He reacts like a kindergartner seeing a person break the rules. Marg assures him that sometimes it is ok to break the rules, and have secrets. She seals his interest with a kiss, and just like that she’s back in the running for Queen. Cersei isn’t going to like that one bit.

Meanwhile Jaime is very busy this episode. He’s still working on his sword play with Bronn who convinces him to visit Tyrion in jail. During their later visit Jaime is convinced that his brother isn’t responsible for the death of his maybe son. Later Jaime tries to convince his sister Cersei of that truth, but she won’t have any of that. She once again challenges his manhood, something she’s been doing a bunch since he returned to King’s Landing, and demands he track down Sansa Stark. Cersei wants Sansa’s head for colluding with Tyrion to kill Joffrey.

Where has the love gone between those two? I don’t think it has to do anything with the sexual assault from last week. There’s been a debate about whether that scene constituted a rape or not. In the books the scene never felt like the level of rape, but seeing something is far different from just interpreting yourself. While Jaime did force himself on her, Cersei in some way allowed it. She’s always thought of herself as an equal to Jaime. If she wanted him to stop she could have. This isn’t a cliche rape defense you’d hear from a defense attorney on Law and Order: SVU. This is taking the relationship we know from the show, and applying it to that scene.

Jaime then heads off to speak with Brienne. He reminds her of the promise she made to Cat Stark about finding her daughters. He gives her his new sword, and a shiny new set of armor. She accepts the task of finding and protecting Sansa, and then names the new sword Oathkeeper. Oh the irony of the Kingslayer giving birth to a sword that honors oaths.

Also we had Bran and Jon Snow moving close to being together after Bran and his pals are caught by the Night’s Watch who now run Craster’s home. How dare they chain up Hodor like that. No one treats the Chewbacca of the show like that and lives to tell about it. Jon Snow meanwhile is dealing with one of Roose Bolton’s men who has infiltrated the Watch. He’s not to be trusted. Just ask Jaime Lannister’s hand.

The last part of the episode answered the question about why the White Walkers want baby boys from Craster. They have the ability, like zombies or vampires, to change people into Whites. With a quick creepy fingernail the baby’s eyes turned cold. In many ways they are the Borg of the Game of Thrones. Assimilate or face the consequences. It makes Jon Snow’s work at holding the Wall even more important.

What did everyone think of Oathbreaker? Did you miss the Dragons as much as I did?

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