What is going on between Lea Michele and Naya Rivera?

In what is certain to pique the interest of avid television watchers nationwide, two of the stars from FOX’s Glee—which takes place in a fictional universe in which melodrama and singing about said melodrama coexists within normal society—are feuding with another in a startlingly non-fictional tale of jealousy and infidelity.

Naya Rivera is no longer a part of the Glee because of what is rumored to be the collateral damage of a supposed “diva-off” (Rivera’s rep’s words, not mine) with co-star Lia Michele. Rivera’s representative denied all such stories, likely because it is the type of absurdity typically reserved for fiction, like… say… Glee.

Alas, there is weight to this rumored “beef” between the two young starlets; Rivera and rapper Big Sean’s engagement ended because of an apparent affair the rapper had with—you guessed it—Michele.

And yet the plot thickens more! The New York Daily News reported that Rivera was kicked off the set of Glee after an apparent spat with producers, not because of a fight with her co-star. Perhaps the most reliable source we have is tabloid magazine US Weekly, who reported that Michele and Rivera “talk behind each other’s back— a lot.” Scathing!

A hashtag was created to save Naya—#NoNayaNoGlee—but there has yet to be a report of her return. Pray for Naya.

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