Michael McKean joins the cast of Better Call Saul

We are finally getting a better idea of the world AMC is creating in the Breaking Bad spinoff Better Call Saul. The show will follow Walter White’s lawyer Saul Goodman, the fabulous Bob Odenkirk, in his life before meeting the infamous Heisenberg. Also returning from the Breaking Bad universe for the show is Jonathan Banks who portrayed the complicated private investigator Mike Ehrmantraut. The show has a high bar to reach because of the success of Breaking Bad, but show creator Vince Gilligan created such a vibrant real world that a spinoff has enough room to grow.

Fans of the show who were worried about the spinoff should take a deep exhale after the news that actor Michael McKean will be apart of the new show. McKean, who many will remember from This is Spinal Tap, Best in Show, and Saturday Night Live joins the cast as one of the troubled lawyers Saul will be dealing with. Here’s the breakdown of McKean’s character from Deadline.com.

McKean will play a new character, Dr. Thurber, a brilliant attorney who is now restricted by an unusual affliction.

The “unusual affliction” is the ultimate teaser for Better Call Saul. We already saw the magic Saul can pull off when dealing with the meth problems of Walter White, and it will be great to see him branch out into other under the table deals. McKean is a perfect addition to the cast, and only adds to the hype around Better Call Saul. The show debuts this November on AMC.

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