Oprah Winfrey expresses interest in owning Clippers

With Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling’s lifetime ban from the NBA and commissioner Adam Silver’s attempt to force the real estate tycoon to sell the team, potential suitors are lining up for the opportunity to join an elite group of 30 individuals who can lay claim to owning a professional basketball team.

Among these potential buyers, though, lies one particularly fascinating name: Oprah Winfrey.

Winfrey—actress, talk show host, philanthropist and, arguably, the most influential black woman in the world—has a net worth of nearly $3 billion dollars.

Along with Winfrey, David Geffen and Larry Ellison would combine with her to make a bid to purchase the Clippers, who were estimated by Forbes Magazine to be worth about $575 million dollars. Geffen founded both Asylum Records and Geffen Records, while Ellison co-founded Oracle Corporation

A purchase by this investment group and Winfrey in particular would represent a gigantic shift in not only the net worth of the unfathomably successful woman, but in the politics of the National Basketball Association as well. Along with Los Angeles Lakers co-owner Jeannie Buss, she would become one of the only female owners of an NBA team. Furthermore, she has expressed an effort to represent African-Americans more in NBA ownership—considering the grounds on which Donald Sterling was banned, Winfrey owning the team that Sterling lost because of his bigotry would be an extremely powerful statement not only financially, but also in regards to race in the United States.

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