"Review" ends tonight. Why weren't you watching?

While you sat on your high horse, indulging in cthulian crime dramas and mumblecore comedies by a young New York woman, Comedy Central spent the past year cultivating its stable of various comedies into arguably the strongest comedy lineup on television today. Broad City, Inside Amy Schumer, and Broad City—in their first, second, and third seasons, respectively—are all uproariously funny adult comedies. However, Andy Daly’s Review is likely the one you’ve heard of the least, although it very well might be the best of the bunch.

Review critiques America’s obsession with, well… critique. Star Andy Daly goes about his life reviewing things like being a racist, going to space, and orgies. Like Comedy Central’s humor in general, it’s weird; however, Daly’s character’s commitment to taking everything literally gives him a rare perspective in which to “review” these things—no matter how odd—with startling objectivity.

Daly himself is a revelation; he’s one of those actors who you always recognize but are unable to place a name on. Bit roles in Semi-Pro and Eastbound & Down offered glimpses of his talent, but Review showcases his skills.

Review’s first season ends tonight on Comedy Central at 10/9c. Don’t miss it.

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