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Who's going to replace Craig Ferguson?

Just when you thought it was safe to breathe a sigh of relief in regards to the constant “who’s-replacing-who” that seems to have permeated all late night talk show discussion in the past year, Craig Ferguson had to go and ruin our much-deserved rest by quitting his 11:35p slot at CBS. We’re now trapped in yet another vicious cycle of faux-rumors and “dream choices” until a decision is reached that is likely universally agreed upon.

Chelsea Handler appeared to be the front-runner, with her leaving her post at E! and all, but she was already dismissed as a potential option. However, another intriguing female option in Comedy Central’s Amy Schumer has arisen. There has yet to be a precedent for women on late night network television, so both choices would represent a radical departure from the typically “safe” CBS.

An in-house choice has also been discussed in Neil Patrick Harris. Harris, of course, was a co-star on CBS’s How I Met Your Mother; replacing the admittedly “odd” Ferguson with a known commodity like Harris—who has hosted multiple awards shows as well and appears to be universally-liked—would be a safe, reliable choice while still offering an opportunity for a gay voice to be heard on late night.

Whatever the choice is, a safe bet could be made that it will be a female, non-white, or both. Even if it isn’t, though, it doesn’t matter—we’ll all be disappointed no matter what.

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