Veep Season 3 Episode 5 Fishing: Preview and Live Stream

Last week’s episode of Veep was easily the best one of the season. Selina’s trip to Clovis, a Facebook-esque internet giant, was full of non stop uncomfortable moments. Selina being corrected every time she said the name Craig (Craihhhg) was spot on. Selina also got the opportunity to compete with Craig for entourage supremacy. All in all it was a classic Veep.

Tonight’s episode, titled Fishing, follows the beginning of Selina’s  campaign for President. She needs to figure out if General Maddox is serious about his run for office, so she accepts his offer to come fishing on his ranch. That means waders for Selina, Dan, and of course Gary. Here’s the episode synopsis from HBO. Looks like Jonah has attached himself to power again, like a political barnacle.

Amy and Dan compete to become Selina’s campaign manager; Mike tries to maintain his fertility schedule; Jonah is offered a job on Maddox’s team; Gary’s shoulder pain threatens his job; Selina is invited to Maddox’s country house.

Check out the promo for the episode below.

Date: Sunday, May 4th
Episode Title: Fishing
Start Time: 10:30 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online StreamHBO GO

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