American Idol: Top 4 Theme Revealed

This week on American Idol, the remaining four contestants will take the stage as they try to earn a trip to their hometowns and a spot in the final three.

American Idol will try to make viewers fell the love, as the top four contestants take on a series of love songs!

That’s right, this Wednesday the remaining four contestants will take on one of Idol’s broadest weeks as they can perform make-up and break-up songs.

There are so many songs to choose from this week, which will make picking the right song very important. Unlike past weeks with limited song choices to choose from, the top four will have vast selection to pull from. The contestants will need to choose their songs wisely, because a poor song choice at this stage in the competition could easily send you packing.

Idol has yet to announce whether there will be a special guest mentor this week, but at this point is one even needed? I know Randy Jackson is supposed to be mentoring the contestants this season, but I think it’s time to put this dawg out of his misery.

As the May 21 finale inches closer the contestants will need to bring their a-game this week and prove that they are indeed “in it to win it.”

American Idol airs Wednesday at 8/7c and Thursdays at 9/8c on Fox

What love song do you want to see each contestant tackle this week? Let me know in the comments below.

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