Hell's Kitchen Season 12 Episode 9: Preview and Live Stream

Chef Gordan Ramsay is trying something for the first time on tonight’s all new episode of Hell’s Kitchen. On this show that could mean a lot of things. Could Gordon have two competent services for the first time? Not have raw food served to his patrons? Avoid overly sweaty performances by the contestants? No chance it is any of that. Tonight’s episode is special because the final 12 Chefs will each have one on one conversations with Chef Ramsay.

These conversations aren’t about cooking styles or technique. Gordon just wants to casually meet with the chefs, and then ask them questions that force the contestants to throw each other under the bus. If these chefs don’t hate each other enough before tonight, then you can bet that problem will be solved once they all finish sitting down with Gordon.

Here’s the Fox episode description for tonight’s episode.

The contestants are given 30 minutes to create an entree from surprise ingredients; Ramsay conducts one-on-one evaluations.

The promo for the episode features glimpses of the one on one interviews, and points the finger at one of the chefs for being on the hot seat.

Date: Thursday, May 8th
Episode Title: 12 Chefs Compete
Start Time: 8:00 pm ET
Watch: FOX
Online Stream: Fox.com

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