"My Little Pony" renewed for season five

In no doubt due to the vast legions of Bronies and cult followers Twilight Sparkle and friends have cultivated over the prior four seasons, The Hub Network renewed the animated series for a fifth season to be aired in 2015.

Sneakily, the series—which revolves around the aforementioned princess, Twilight Sparkle, and her equally sparkly friends as they travel through Ponyville learning about friendship—has been one of the most successful animated series on air. The 26-episode order through season five will mean that the show will break 100 episodes on the air, making it a ripe candidate for syndication going forward.

Despite its obvious (and clearly intentioned) appeal to the female youth, My Little Pony has developed a reputation—particularly in the internet age—for its rabid cult following of “Bronies”. The name is, unfortunately, indicative of the group’s members—teenage-to-middle aged men who are devout followers and consumers of all things My Little Pony. Brony fandom can range from a simple enjoyment of the show, to attending My Little Pony Conventions, to marrying the ponies.

If you still feel so inclined, tune in at 10:30/9:30c to see Twilight Sparkle and the gang spread the magic of friendship. Don’t marry one of them though, please.

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