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Comedy Central Names Larry Wilmore As Colbert Replacement

When Stephen Colbert shifts over to CBS in 2015, Comedy Central will still have a Report to air after Jon Stewart and The Daily Show. It looks like Comedy Central has tapped Larry Wilmore to be the new glove to Stewart’s hand.

Wilmore is not the best known name in the world of comedy and I’ll admit that I couldn’t quite place him until I saw his picture. Larry Wilmore is best known for his role as the ‘Senior Black Correspondent’ on The Daily Show. Wilmore started his regular appearances on The Daily Show in 2006.

The new show will be entitled The Minority Report and will try to emphasize getting the voices heard of the underrepresented. According to the New York Times, Jon Stewart came up with the idea for his show and his Busboy Productions will create the show.

Wilmore has been a behind the scenes comedian to a whole lot of very influential comedy shows. Most notably, Wilmore was the co-creator and produced The Bernie Mac Show. He’s had writing gigs on In Living Color and Sister, Sister. He was a writer and producer on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and The Jamie Foxx Show.

Wilmore was a consulting produce for The Office for three years and appeared as Mr. Brown in the episode ‘Diversity Day’. Look that episode of The Office up if you can’t remember it.

He had a recurring role in The Facts of Life and appeared in movies like I Love You, Man and Dinner for Schmucks. The moral of the story is that even though Wilmore isn’t the biggest name in comedy, he’s done some stuff.

Wilmore might not be the flashy name and he might be the beneficiary of Jon Oliver jumping to HBO, but it’s a very bold choice for Comedy Central. It adds so much needed diversity to the late night world which has so many shows, but only Arsenio Hall isn’t a white male.

The Minority Report will start in January after The Colbert Report ends its run on December 17.

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