Fox Releases New Images from Family Guy, The Simpsons Crossover Event

Get ready for the crossover event you all have been waiting for!

Fox has announced that popular animated comedies Family Guy and The Simpsons will share a one-hour crossover event this fall. The announcement was made as part of Fox’s upfront presentations, with Fox announcing that the crossover special, titled “The Simpsons Guy,” will air this September.

New images and details on the crossover event have been reported be The Huffington Post, and we can now share those details.

According to Fox’s official synopsis:

The families will take to each other pretty quickly. Lisa works to build Meg’s confidence by finding something she’s good at, Stewie idolizes Bart and admires his penchant for pranks and Marge and Lois embark on a little girl bonding adventure. But not everyone is happy sharing screen time. After, mistaking the Griffins for albinos, Homer and Peter brawl over the only thing both patriarchs care about: beer.

In the two new images below, you can see Bart teaching Stewie how to skateboard and get a glimpse of Peter and Homer’s street brawl:Family Guy/ Simpsons crossover


The hourlong special will be helmed by Family Guy creator Seth MacFarlane and his team of writers.

Are you excited for the Family GuyThe Simpsons crossover event?


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