The Challenge Free Agents Episode 6 Not So Trivial Pursuits: Preview and Live Stream

What are we supposed to think about Jordan’s game moves on MTV’s The Challenge? Jordan’s character on the show is the cocky athletic guy who doesn’t let the fact that he was born with one hand keep him down. There’s many reasons to root for Jordan, but he keeps on challenging viewers to find him likeable. First he started hooking up with alpha female Laurel. Jordan and Laurel talked about their relationship as if it was the meeting of two superpowers. It’s not destiny that two self absorbed people fell in love, just physics.

Jordan gave viewers enough reason to roll their eyes in his general direction, but in the closing moments of last week’s show he raised the bar on stupidity. Jordan made the mistake of challenging Johnny Bananas, now known only as Bananas on the show. Jordan is still a relative rookie when it comes to The Challenge, and here he was going up against the Pete Rose of the series. It appears that Jordan’s narcissism negates smart game play. The Jordan drama continues on tonight’s all new episode, titled Not So Trivial Pursuits. Check out the episode description from MTV.

Tension rises between stubborn veterans and a confident rookie; the ultimate trivia test.

It’s not smart for a contestant to challenge Johnny Bananas, but stepping in the way of human battering ram CT is a sign of complete insanity. In this preview from tonight’s episode Jordan decides that he hasn’t alienated enough people, and turns his pushy personality in CT’s face. Click here for the video.

Date: Thursday, May 15th
Episode Title: Not So Trivial Pursuits
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: MTV
Online Stream:

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