Late Night with Seth Meyers Launches Second Chance Theatre (Video)

Seth Meyers has a unique relationship with the history of Saturday Night Live. As both a performer and head writer Meyers, even more than his Late Night lead in Jimmy Fallon, was a vital part of every sketch during his tenure. Just because he’s left the show for Late Night with Seth Meyers doesn’t mean he’s forgotten the enjoyment of watching a scene come to life.

Last night the show launched a new segment called Second Chance Theatre that gives rejected SNL sketches another chance at life. The first sketch of the series was titled Jennjamin Franklin. The sketch featured SNL vets Will Forte, Jason Sudeikis, Vanessa Bayer and Fred Armisen. Forte plays a transsexual version of Benjamin Franklin out on a blind date. It’s easy to see why the quirky sketch didn’t make the SNL cut, but it definitely deserved a second chance.

Reviving old SNL material gives Late Night with Seth Meyers a great viral video platform. Just a few seconds of Will Forte’s feminine Benjamin Franklin voice will soothe any problems you may have. Second Chance Theatre should be thought of as an unqualified success for the show.

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