Hannibal Season 2 Episode 12 Tome-Wan: Preview and Live Stream

The next seven days is busy season for Hannibal fans. Tonight the penultimate episode, titled Tome-Wan, airs and then next week is the climactic season finale. The one thing we know for sure is the story leads to a bloody showdown between Jack Crawford and Hannibal Lector in the good doctor’s kitchen. We got to see the first part of that fight in the season 2 premiere. There was a moment I was confident in Jack Crawford surviving, even after we saw him locked in Hannibal’s pantry with a messy neck wound. My confidence was based on the Hannibal Lector mythology. Jack Crawford is around during the Silence of the Lambs movie so of course he will survive the show.

However the apparent death of Dr. Chilton changed all the rules. (BTW I still wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Chilton isn’t dead. We never saw a funeral etc.) Dr. Chilton is also a giant part of Silence of the Lambs, but Bryan Singer’s version of the story appears to not be beholden to the films. If that’s the case then it is highly possible that Jack Crawford won’t survive his kitchen brawl with Hannibal.

Before we get to that final showdown Hannibal has to deal with the tag team of Will Graham and Mason Verger. It appears in tonight’s episode that the two enter into an uneasy partnership to end Hannibal. Mason obviously hates Lector for protecting his sister Margot, and we all know Will’s long list of problems with him. The episode synopsis from NBC is below.

The twisted triangle of Will, Hannibal and Mason Verger boils over in a deadly showdown, while Jack looks to snare Hannibal at last.

Check out the promo which features Hannibal hanging in a precarious position.

Here’s the definition of the episode title Tome-Wan from Wikipedia

Tome-wan (止椀?): a miso-based or vegetable soup served with rice.

Date: Friday, May 16th
Episode Title: Tome-Wan
Start Time: 10:00 pm ET
Watch: NBC
Online Stream: NBC.com

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