Game of Thrones Season 4 Episode 7 Mockingbird: Preview & Live Stream

No one would ever describe Tyrion and Sansa from HBO’s Game of Thrones as two people who were destined to be together. They aren’t anywhere close to being one of the happy success stories. Even though they’ve been separated since Joffrey’s death their lives are still deeply entwined. Tyrion is one trial by combat away from death with Sansa’s absence being used as key evidence against him. Meanwhile Sansa now lives in the Eyrie, the first place we saw Tyrion successfully call on trial by combat. Lady Lysa let Sansa know that once that terrible imp husband of hers is dead she will be free to marry Lysa’s still suckling son Robin. What a prize for Sansa.

Tonight’s all new episode is titled Mockingbird, a clear reference to Littlefinger and his trademark broach. The promo for tonight’s episode features Littlefinger giving some sage advice to Sansa, but the clip ends with the eldest Stark girl in a very dangerous position. It appears Lady Lysa’s jealousy flares up again tonight, but this time their disagreement takes place over the Moon Door in the Eyrie’s great hall. The Moon Door is that trap door that opens up to air below in the hall. That can’t be good for Sansa. We also get glimpses of Jaime and Tyrion discussing his self inflicted wound, and a shot of a returning Mountain. The Mountain as we all remember is the Hound’s big brother, and a real scary piece of work. Check out the promo below.

Here is tonight’s episode synopsis from HBO.
Tyrion gains an unlikely ally; Daario asks Dany to allow him to do what he does best; Jon’s warnings about the vulnerability of the Wall are ignored; Brienne follows a new lead.

Date: Sunday, May 18th
Episode Title: Mockingbird
Start Time: 9:00 pm ET
Watch: HBO
Online Stream:

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