Game of Thrones Recap: Season 4 Episode 7 Mockingbird

The last few moments of this week’s Game of Thrones left me thinking about the lyrics from the classic Beatles song Blackbird. Lady Lysa was always a tragic figure, and her ending was nothing short of poetic justice. The only thing missing from Littlefinger pushing her out the Moon Door was the playing of the below lyrics.

Blackbird fly, Blackbird fly
Into the light of the dark black night.

The episode was named after another winged animal, Mockingbird, and true to form the ultimate chameleon Littlefinger lived up to his nickname being used as the episode’s title. At this point nothing Petyr Baelish does should shock viewers. He’s already been revealed as the mastermind behind the death of Jon Arryn and King Joffrey. Watching him dispatch Lady Lysa through her beloved Moon Door was just icing on top of the cake. Littlefinger now is set up as the protector of the Vale with the death of Lady Lysa. No matter what happens in Westeros the power of Littlefinger never stops growing.

This isn’t good news for Sansa, who Littlefinger clearly sees as the next best thing to being with her mother Lady Catelyn. It sure is creepy for them to kiss, but then again this is Littlefinger. He takes what he wants. Who is going to tell poor Ser Robin that his paranoid and jealous Mother met the same fate as his enemies by taking the quick way to the Mountain floor? He’s going to need extra milk tonight for sure.

We also go clarity about Tyrion’s fate. Tyrion has to find someone to face the Mountain on his behalf in a trial by combat. We first saw the Mountain when he cut the head off of a horse in season 1. Now he was back doing some shirtless Game of Thrones cross-fit with some unlucky prisoners in the yard. That’s quite an expensive way to get in cardio training. Who can the Imp find to face the scariest man in the realm? Cersei asks him to be her champion, but you get the feeling that the Mountain doesn’t really need a reason to kill a man.

Tyrion first met with his brother Jaime about being a champion in his quest for freedom. Jaime sadly had to say no because of his lost hand. Tyrion thought it would be just desserts for his father Tywin to watch the entire Lannister family line wiped out in one fall of the sword, but Jaime declined. Tyrion then called on Bronn to be his champion, but the Queen has already got her hooks in him with an offer to marry a highborn girl. The girl might be dumb witted, but she’s second in line to power. Bronn also doubts he could kill such a monster as the Mountain. If Bronn is scared then you know that you’ve got a real problem on your hands.

Just when all hope is gone Tyrion is visited by a bright yellow sun in the form of Prince Oberyn Martell. Oberyn has been after justice for his sister since arriving in King’s Landing. She was murdered and raped by the Mountain, and Oberyn sees an opportunity to strike back at his enemies by not only killing their champion, but freeing Tyrion. And just like that we have the King’s Landing super fight of the year. The Mountain vs. Prince Oberyn in a battle to the death. Viewers only have to wait two weeks for more because the show is taking Memorial Day Weekend off so that HBO can air the movie The Normal Heart.

Besides that we had a bunch of character rounding out during the episode. We saw Brienne and Podrick grow closer together in their search for Sansa Stark. The two even encountered Hot Pie, the boy who traveled with Arya, who provided them with news of her headed towards the North. Podrick then suggests they head towards the Eyrie where Littlefinger is holding court. At the Wall we saw more tough times for Jon Snow. Jon not only put down the rebellion, but he’s also the best man to talk to about the wilding threat. Sadly the Night’s Watch still don’t trust Jon’s opinion. I wonder if a Giant ripping apart the gates of the tunnel will change their minds?

In Meereen Dany began using her power in private by getting down and dirty with Daario. He’s been giving her the side eye for a while now, but it was still a shock to see her treat him like that. Sleeping with Daario also put a stone in the show of Ser Jorah. He’s been in love with her forever now, but he’s once again been turned down. If I was Daario I would be very careful in this new relationship. If he makes the wrong move his next date could be with the business end of a Dragon.

What did everyone think of the last new Game of Thrones episode for the next two weeks? Were you shocked with how Littlefinger ended Lady Lysa? What will the Mockingbird do next?

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