Michael Jackson Hologram Debuts at Billboard Music Awards (Video)

The King of Pop was brought back to life Sunday night to perform at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards. The debut of the Michael Jackson hologram was easily the highlight of the festivities. Faux Jackson performed his new song Slave to the Rhythm, vocals he recorded originally in the 90s. The song is apart of the new posthumous Michael Jackson album. No word yet if the company that created the MJ hologram also made a fake Joe Jackson to hound his son backstage for money.

The Michael Hologram put together a competent performance of his new song, but a lot of the reason it works is the built in cliche of his work. We all know a MJ dance move when we see it, so a few kicks here and there make it easier for viewers to buy into the magic trick.

The MJ Hologram was a marked improvement over the Tupac version that nearly broke the web after a surprise Coachella performance. The future of concert tours is in the Hologram. Think of how many people cram in to see a Elvis impersonator or a Cirque Beatles show, and then imagine a traveling Beatles Hologram show with Jimi Hendrix as the opening act. In the future it won’t matter if Jack Nicholson passes away because we can always cast his Hologram in a film. Check out the Hologram performance below.

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