'Community' star Gillian Jacobs joins 'Girls'

Fans of niche television shows rejoice, for NBC’s Community star Gillian Jacobs will be teaming up with Lena Dunham to play a recurring character in the fourth season of HBO’s Girls.

Jacobs, who played Britta Perry—the opinionated, down-on-her-luck, lovable student at Greendale Community College—will be joining the cast of Girls as a character named Mimi-Rose, beginning in episode five in an episode aptly titled “Mimi-Rose”.

The breaking of this news is great for fans of Community, who presumably are still mourning the loss of the critically-acclaimed but minimally-watched NBC comedy, who recently cancelled the series after its five season run on the network. Jacobs is the second Community cast member to find themselves on Dunham’s acclaimed comedy—Donald Glover, who left Community early in season five to pursue his rap career, played Hannah Hovarth’s (Dunham’s character on the show) girlfriend for the first two episodes of season two.

Season four of Girls is currently being filmed and will presumably air early in 2015.

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