10 Must See TV Shows for Summer 2014

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It’s hard to remember that there was a time when our TVs actually took time off during the summer. The summer was for repeats and the occasional variety special. Thanks to cable and the internet the Summer slate of new shows can be even more exciting than the Fall. The summer time slot allows shows to take risks, think of last year’s Under the Dome on CBS, that wouldn’t happen during the precious Fall sweeps periods. Everyone it seems is taking risks during the summer.

It’s not just the major networks producing quality shows. Cable, Netflix, and Amazon Prime will all be jockeying for your attention this summer. With that in mind we’ve put together a list the 10 Must See TV Show for Summer 2014. Some of the shows on the list are brand spanking new, while others are returning favorites. What’s important is that viewers have good enough options to keep them on the couch during the peak months to be outside.

Here are the 10 shows we will be filling up our DVRs with during Summer 2014.

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