10 Most Shocking Television Deaths of the 2013-14 Season Part 2

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When you welcome a television series into your home long enough, the characters of the series begin to feel like family. You become attached to these characters, invested in their lives and well-being. Then one day, without any notice, the “powers that be” decide to kill off one of your favorite characters.

Last week I composed my “10 Most Surprising Deaths of the 2013-14 Season,” where I ranked the tenth most shocking deaths of the season. As I expected, the list generated quite the debate over which characters should have been included in the top ten.

Taking into consideration all of the characters you the readers felt should have been included, I have composed a new list with ten additional shocking character deaths.

What are you waiting for? Check out part two of my  “10 Most Surprising Deaths of the 2013-14 Season” right now and be sure to share your reactions in the comments section below.

Warning Spoilers Ahead!

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