The Daily Show Dissects the Return of Bowe Bergdahl (Video)

Jon Stewart devoted the first segment of last night’s The Daily Show to the the return of US soldier Bowe Bergdahl. The announcement that Bergdahl’s five year stay in a Taliban prisoner camp was finally over was initially cheered throughout the media. However like everything in today’s media landscape, the story was quickly co-opted into a partisan battle with both sides drawing up sharp talking points.

Stewart points out how quick we are in the media to eat up a story until it can be placed into the prism of right vs. left. The main question for people upset about Bergdahl’s release is what they would do differently? If it is true that Bergdahl did abandon his post, then shouldn’t he answer for that in a US court? And if he is innocent, then a bunch of people owe his family an apology. Even the length of the beard sported by Bowe’s father is used to question the families patriotism. Inferring a parent of a missing soldier is un-American is low, even for Fox News.

Just like with 24 before it, most Americans are drawing too many conclusions from things they’ve seen on Homeland. Check out the segment below.

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