'Big Brother' Finally Going HD

After 15 seasons on television, CBS’ summer reality series Big Brother is finally making the leap to HD!

Vulture reports that Big Brother‘s upcoming 16th season will switch from standard definition to HDTV when the season debuts this June. Big Brother was the final series on any of the Big 4 networks to still use standard definition, and as the years have gone by the series’ old school, fuzzier quality became more noticeable.

Executive producer Allison Grodner sites that the show has long wanted to switch over to HD, in fact the decision to switch to HD was made more than three years ago. Added Rich Meehan, who executive produces the series with Grodner,”

“It’s not just about swapping out cameras. Everything had to be changed … and we couldn’t do anything that would jeopardize production of the series.”

Another key factor in the delay, the engineers behind the series only had six months at a time to work on the changes which including 14 miles of HD cables to replace the house’s old wiring, installing new cameras to work with the new digital system. When the season 16 kicks off this summer, Meehan teases that viewers will be greeted with new angles and overall better coverage:

“We’ve added 11 new cameras in the house for better coverage. We’ve also lowered some of the cameras so viewers are in the action more. You can now see from the kitchen area to the bedroom in one shot. It changes the whole look of the house.”

Big Brother season 16 premieres Wednesday, June 25 at 8/7c on CBS.

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